It's heating up, time to Liberate Your Skin!

Heat Rash or Prickly Heat

'Heat rash' or 'prickly heat' is a harmless, but very itchy skin rash forming small red spots in places where sweat collects, such as the armpits, back, under the breasts, chest, groin, crooks of elbows and knees, and the waist. These can also be called your "hot spots".

It is best not to use a heavy moisturiser for heat rash as these can block the sweat glands. Cool baths or cold damp cloths applied to the itchy patches will give better relief of the symptoms. 

Once you have taken the steps above Liberate Your Skin cream is a wonderful barrier cream to relieve itchiness and introduce healing moisture back into your skin.

Sun Rash

Some people have skin that can develop rashes with exposure to direct sunlight including people on certain antibiotics, or people exposed to some chemicals, fragrances, dyes, or disinfectants. This is called photodermatitis.

In some people exposure to the sun in the spring or early summer can trigger an itchy, red rash on the front of the neck, chest and the arms and thighs called polymorphous light eruption (PMLE). It usually clears without treatment in a few days, although it can come back.

The experts behind Liberate Your Skin suggest trying these tips to make your skin comfortable in hot weather:

  • Wear light, loose-fitting soft clothes that don’t trap heat and moisture. Natural fabrics such as cotton are best.
  • Spend time in cool, air-conditioned or well-ventilated environments. Use a fan if necessary.
  • Take frequent cool baths or showers.
  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist if there are any creams or tablets that may help you.
  • Don’t scratch the affected area, as it may worsen and become infected.

It’s also important to drink plenty of water in hot weather and ensure you reduce sun exposure to your skin.

If you do over expose yourself to the sun, Liberate Your Skin is an excellent sunburn relief cream.