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I still remember the day I began treating my 5 month year old son with this life saving moisturizing cream.  His eczema was so extreme that his whole body was burning hot red with inflammation.

This cream is so versatile. It instantly created a smooth barrier so his skin didn't dry or flake.  It kept moisture in his skin whilst still allowing the skin to breathe.  Now we use it as an everyday moisturizer for the whole family.

D Tran, Sydney

Our daughter Penelope suffered from severe eczema. We are very proud to call her ‘patient zero’ for the ‘Liberate Your Skin’.

The impact was immediate. ‘Liberate Your Skin’ was considerably more effective than any other product we had previously used. 

‘Liberate Your Skin’ remains a critical component in our daughters' skin management regime.  We would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who suffers from a condition involving dry skin or is simply looking for a reliable skin moisturising preparation for every day use.

Denise and Steve Corish - Bondi Junction

When our 4 week old baby girl broke out in a terrible facial rash and all the skin on her body started to peel off as a result of multiple dietary intolerances, we tried many different creams. Many of these creams we later realized contained possible allergens, we needed something for extremely sensitive skin. Once we started using Liberate Your Skin, her skin became so soft and supple and as the rash receded it really helped her skin recover. Even now at 13 months it keeps her skin so moisturized and feeling soft, you would never have known she had skin problems. We tell everyone about this cream, it is fantastic and we love it.

Vanessa Jones age 34, mum of 2

I’ve been using the moisturiser LYS for the past few months after being recommended by pharmacist at Dural as I had a reaction to expensive products. LYS has been such an amazing moisturiser and now I can’t live without it! You need to advertise it as not only for babies but for an adults daily moisturiser too. My skin has never felt so healthy and moisturised!